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Welcome to Taco Mojo Social Club.  We cover a wide range of topics, mostly centered around entertaining, and of course, Mexican food.  ¡Bienvenido!

Healthy Taco Mojo Salads - An Inalienable Right

Posted by Monte Johnson






In an increasingly health-obsessed country, a "taco salad" might not initially make Cooking Light's Top 10 List. And why not? Remember the "taco salad" of the 90's, complete with a fried flour tortilla bowl (400 calories), and ranch dressing (343 calories), taking you up to 743 calories pre-meat, greens, and other ingredients? It can't really come as a surprise, as this is old news that surfaced when every Chi-Chi's, Chevy's and El Chico prominently featured the taco salad on lunch and dinner menus. Drop the fried bowl and the creamy dressing, though, and you have something fresher, better, lighter. 


Catering is a completely different animal, as taking food on the road has it's own complications and challenges. But why should salads be left out of catering menus, especially when they offer a lighter, healthier option to balance out a few tortilla chips and a carnitas taco?

My family loves Chipotle, especially after they have had Taco Mojo for a week straight. Chipotle offers catering, but when it comes to salads, they are a no-go. This is from their own website FAQ's:

Do catering orders include salads?

Right now, catering is designed to serve all of your guests tasty tacos and delicious bowls. We don’t include enough lettuce for everyone to have salads and also don’t include our chipotle-honey vinaigrette.

Today, we made beautiful salads to deliver to several graduation parties, complete with housemade pineapple vinaigrette. And our menus are designed for everyone to have salad, and they feature ingredients like pineapple, jicama, peppers, corn, pumpkin seeds, and radishes. Now if we could just figure out a way to individually carve papayas into the shape of a fried taco bowl.   



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