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Welcome to Taco Mojo Social Club.  We cover a wide range of topics, mostly centered around entertaining, and of course, Mexican food.  ¡Bienvenido!

Beer Fumble or Tequila Touchdown? Do Calories Really Matter on Super Sunday?





As we predicted, the staggering Super Bowl statistics are out there (here, here, and here), and you can see what estimated consumption looks like for the second largest calorie intake day (behind Thanksgiving) of the year. Especially noteworthy is the number for beer consumption: 325 million gallons of beer. Men's Fitness does the math for us, and says that equates to over a gallon (!) of beer for every man, woman, and child in the United States that has an estimated population of 316 million. Of course, we're skeptical. But even cutting that number in half brings that number to half of a gallon per person, a whopping 550 calories of light beer. If your New Year's resolution to lose weight is still intact by Monday, you have beaten the odds in several categories.

But let's face it. The Super Bowl, like Thanksgiving, only comes around once a year. 

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Topics: Entertaining, Recipes

6 Secrets To Making Killer Grilled Vegetable Tacos




Most of Denver's Mexican restaurants and burrito shops think that grilled vegetable tacos mean tortilla-peppers-onions. Throw some black beans in, and, Voila!, it's a simple vegetable taco. However, with so many vegetable options for tacos, peppers and onions may seem more like an afterthought with pork, chicken, and beef headlining most menus. It's a bit surprising that the demand for healthy eating and vegetarian options hasn't influenced the variety of vegetables offered. The fact is that making grilled vegetable tacos can be quite a challenge, for both restaurants and people seeking non-meat options.  

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Better than guacamole? - Avocado-Tomatillo Salsa



A year or so ago, we created an online questionnaire asking participants this simple question - "Guacamole. Love it, hate it, or just OK with it?" The results were a surprising 100% of participants in love with guacamole. Everyone may have their own version, with some preferring more chunky guacamole, and others preferring a smooth guacamole. But the results spoke for themselves.

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Topics: Recipes

Pork Carnitas Recipe





Traditionally, pork carnitas is similar to duck confit, meaning that it is slowly cooked in it's own fat. In it's final stage of cooking, it can be "crisped up" on a flattop griddle or grill to add some of the same crackly texture that you get with crispy bacon. Some may have an aversion to the notion of cooking something in it's own fat. And perhaps they have a valid point, if their aversion is to fatty foods. It actually isn't as fat-laden as one might think. Nonetheless, we have a recipe for our own rendition of pork carnitas. It may not be carnitas in the traditional sense, but we think that the results are quite delicious. We've substituted the fat with a rich tomato-tomatillo sauce, spiked with just enough citrus.

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